Precious Metal Storage Rates

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage allows clients to store existing metals that you already own, or new metals that you wish to purchase. Please click here to download an application or call 877-685-4705 with any questions regarding storage rates.

There is No Minimum purchase requirement for opening a Fully Segregated storage account. There is a monthly minimum of only US$39.00.

The set up cost is $89.00, which is waived for a purchase over $15,000.

Monthly storage rates and volume discounts available, please call or download an application to review today. Our storage rates are a fixed price per ounce of Gold or Silver, so whether the price goes up or down, your monthly bill stays the same!

Import / Export your metals from overseas (no storage required):

We are also experts in helping clients retrieve their Gold and Silver that they own overseas in Switzerland, Australia, Asia, etc. We can help you import your Gold and Silver into the U.S and Canada, from a Vault or a Bank. You can either take delivery of your metals or store them with us in our Vault in Montreal.
Import only Rates from Europe – (Shipping and customs broker fees are in addition):
$100K-$499K @ .0075 % of value
$500K-$999K @ .0050 % of value
$1 Million +    @ .0040 % of value

Clients Metals shipping directly  to Brink’s Vaults:

Option #1 – Precious metals may be purchased directly from Miles Franklin LTD. Then delivery will be made to Brink’s vault chosen. Client will receive a signed inventory receipt of goods, signed by both Miles Franklin and the authorized Brink’s Vault manager confirming the client’s account inventory. As well, clients receive a quarterly inventory report from Miles Franklin.

Option #2 – Precious metals already owned by a client may be shipped to the storage program. Please contact us to discuss fee’s, shipping and further details on a per case basis.