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Precious Metal Storage Program | U.S. & Canada | Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage was created to provide a secure International fully segregated precious metal storage program for client’s wishing to store their Precious Metals outside of the United States, yet still be within reach.

In addition, we soon will be able to store actual currency / cash insured and fully segregated in your account.

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Storage is proud to be partnered with Brink's Canada. We have 2 vaults available for fully segregated offshore storage, one on each coast. Our first vault is located in Montreal, Quebec and the other in Vancouver, British Columbia. With both coasts available, we offer an International fully segregated storage program for Precious Metals with geographical diversity. This partnership includes Lloyds of London Insurance provided through Brink's Canada with a copy of the policy available upon request naming the Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage and the address of the vaults in Canada. Brink's Canada has been in business since 1927. Our Brink's Canada partnership offers a complete segregated storage program for Gold & Silver Bullion or Coin utilizing international management and custody by the world’s leader in secure vault storage.

The creation of this storage program is due to a vast interest and an increasing demand for International storage diversification. The Canadian storage advantages to U.S Citizens are not available elsewhere, due to the proximity of Canada and the degree of fiscal stability the Canadian financial system currently offers.  Both Brink's facilities in Canada provide world leading high-security vaults located in Lasalle a suburb of Montreal, Quebec and also in downtown Vancouver, B.C. The vaults are constructed & equipped with the latest - world leading technology. The entire facility is protected 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

In addition to the physical and electronic security measures, client’s assets are protected through the use of internal tracking systems. The tracking systems are designed to meet the strict requirements of individual clients.  Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage is provided with documentation of internal audits of inventories performed, including inventories of all the client sub accounts. External audits are performed by Miles Franklin throughout the year.  Further, Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage provides our clients with monthly statement of accounts of their personal inventory.

Clients are billed monthly for storage paid by credit card or pre-payment is available with a discount. Reports and invoices are emailed quarterly.

Call 877-375-1365 to speak with client service to set up an account or with any questions.