About Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage employees are all highly experienced in the Precious Metals Industry. Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage directly manages and coordinates the clients’ transactions with services provided by Brink’s. The facilities feature world class vaults and armored guard storage centers.

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage currently has relationships with many U.S. Depositories. Our staff will coordinate transfer of metals from U.S depositories where relationships already exists. We will also coordinate the minimum purchase of Precious Metals for storage, utilizing Miles Franklin, LTD. All metals purchased from Miles Franklin LTD will be transferred to Canada with no Customs duties required or to our Vaults in the USA. Products available for storage may differ in Canada due to availability and Canadian Government rules and regulations.

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage program is proud to offer this service of cost-efficient storage which includes a detailed  statement of account.  High volume discounted pricing available on a per quote basis.

Independent Auditing

Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage program utilizes the independent auditing services of Inspectorate America Corporation, a Bureau Veritas Group Company. Visit the Inspectorate website at: www.inspectorate.com for more information on their company. Inspectorate performs the yearly independent audit each year.

Clients will receive once per year, a Report of Inspection signed by Inspectorate’s U.S. Audits Manager from their Metals and Minerals Division.

Client’s goods are labeled with account numbers, fully segregating each and every clients goods. Even Mint Boxes are labeled with client numbers, allowing clients to ship in their goods, and receive the same goods back one day.

Insurance and Protection

All goods are insured with a copy available upon request of the policy naming the Miles Franklin Storage program located in either Brink’s Canada in Montreal or Vancouver, or in the United States in Los Angeles or New York City. Client holdings are not an asset of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage and accordingly, cannot be subject to the claims of any creditor of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage. Client holdings are also not on the “Books” of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Storage or balance sheet as an asset. Client holdings are considered managed assets of clients, stored at a private non-bank regulated armored guard storage facility.