Miles Franklin Physical 1000 oz. Silver Bar Storage Program – LMBA / Comex Approved Bars 


Storage available at Brink’s Salt Lake City, New York, or Toronto 

Pricing, how does Miles Franklin’s pricing compare? We offer 1000oz. hallmarked silver bars lower than any Brick-and-Mortar company in the industry, call 877-685-4705 or email for a quote today.

Storage Rates: Competitive storage rates from 49 basis points yearly for 10 bars or more. Please inquire for storage rates on orders of 1-9 bars. 49 basis point example = $40.83 monthly per $100K in value, billed quarterly. Our fees are less than holding paper Silver in most ETF or Stocks, which most forms of paper silver charge 50-75 basis points annually. That offers real value “owning physical”.

Existing Metals: Miles Franklin can transfer your 1000oz. bars from existing vaults you may store at, please inquire for details.




High Value Silver Account Application forms:

Toronto Application

Salt Lake City Application

New York Application



What are the Benefits of buying physical 1,000 oz Silver Bars versus paper?

  • Bars with Miles Franklin are fully segregated and never commingled.
  • The bars are exclusively yours, and always remain your private property. They are not registered with any commodity exchange.
  • 1000 oz. bars offer the most competitive and lowest pricing and premiums possible compared to coins
  • Extremely Liquid – Banks and Financial Institutions Buy and Sell 1000 oz. bars daily
  • 1000 oz. bars are quite often preferred by high-net worth individuals and institutional investors.
  • Favored by Small Family Offices for convenience and value
  • Silver bars range from 900 – 1,000+ ounces each, exact weights available after purchase
  • Miles Franklin only carries bars from LBMA / Comex approved (GDL)Good Delivery List Refiners
  • Bars are private and not digitally owned like paper contracts, you own “Your Silver”
  • Bars can be sold internally with no shipping at most locations or can be shipped around the world
  • Bars are at least .999 fine Silver

Miles Franklin has immediate availability of 1,000 oz. silver bars. We can deliver to Brink’s vaults many times internally with no shipping, or we can ship bars from our warehouse.

Brands of 1000 oz silver bars vary, and final weight is not supplied until after the order is locked in. Serial #’s, brand and exact weight are available after purchase. The bars condition / age and the brand that you will receive are based on the inventory available at the time of shipping. Some bars are brand new, however most 1000 oz Silver Bars are not.

The main reason that 1000 oz. silver bars are preferred for Vault storage, is the fact that large 1000oz. silver bars are very heavy to ship, and over the common carrier allowed weights most times. 1000 oz. silver bars also can’t be bought back once outside a LBMA / Comex approved vault, without melting the bar and receiving a full assay at a refinery. So, for these reasons we prefer not to ship these size bars, but instead we offer a Competitive Rate and Storage Solution. When it comes time to sell, its just a phone call or email to get it locked in and sold.